It’s the quality of your people that sets your company apart. Your people are your most important investment—they help your business grow and reach new heights. This is especially true when you want to grow your international business. In return, you need to take care of your local talent and help them thrive.

You have a million things to take care of, and you can’t afford to wonder whether your Russian staff truly understands company values, policies, and procedures, or that the perfect candidate will respond to your job announcement. Nor should you have to worry whether the translation of your documents is a true representation of what your company really stands for.

High-quality Russian translations of your company policies and procedures will show your team-members that your care, which means that they will take ownership of your company’s values and processes and drive their implementation.

Gone are the days when people thought that “anybody can work in HR”. We all know that it takes a special set of skills, experience, passion, and talent.

The same is true of the Russian translator who helps you communicate with your employees in their native language. It takes a highly specialized human resources translator to build a strong bridge between you and your in-country staff.

With an MBA in Human Resources Management and hands-on work experience and training in HR under my belt, I can be the secret ingredient to your successful engagement with your Russian staff.

Here are some of the areas in which I can help you inform, engage, and empower your Russian talent:

  • Company policies and values

  • Personnel policies and procedures / employee handbooks

  • Employee training and development materials

  • Employee evaluations

  • CVs, job announcements, promotional materials for career fairs

  • Materials for university outreach and cooperation

Looking for something else? Please get in touch—I may be able to help!